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1964/65 Alternatitive rides

Beyond the hoards of Minis ,the influx of Lotus-Cortinas that arrived in 1964 ,Imps ,Anglias and A40s there were a few men who chose something different to go club racing in during 1964 and 65. Some were true club specials and others were FIA saloons from the European Touring cars getting extra track time . Here are the best of the alternative rides...

Driver : A.B. ( TONY ) STRACEY

Car :     VOLVO 122s 'AMAZON'

Engine : B18 1778cc 4 cylinder OHV

Class : 1200cc+

Production : 1956-1970 

Shared the same platform with the stylish P1800 coupe and the 122 versions also shared the coupe's engine which also appeared in the Marcos 1800.

115 BHP could be achieved with a twin carb set-up. Extremely reliable engines these cars were raced mostly in endurance events including the Daytona 24 hours ( 1967-70 ) and Stracey raced his version in the 1964 Nurburgring 6 hours ( DNF ) ,Brands 6-hours ( 2nd in class ) and 1 round of the British saloon car championship entered by the Sussex Racing Partnership. The 122 also featured strongly in Australian touring cars.


Car :     SAAB 96 Sport

Engine : 841cc 2-stroke 3 cylinders

competition versions rated 95 bhp up from the standard 40-odd.

Class : 1000cc

Production :

The first of the 96s did particulary well in International rallies with Erik Carlsson. At only 850kgs the cars were nimble and tuned up with tripple down draught carbs. Mylius competed his in the European Touring Cars ( 850cc class ) including the Nurburgring 6 hours like Stracey .Back home despite giving away some cc's took on the hoards of Minis in a few club races in the 1000cc. Mylius went on to race Nathan GT ,Chevron B8 and Gropa sports cars.

Driver : P. GARRATT


Engine : 1548cc/1594cc 4 cylinders

( twin carb alloy-headed versions rated 72 bhp )

Class : 1200cc+

Production : 328,000 ( 1961-64 FB-series )

By 1964 the Vauxhall Victors had gone from the British Saloons in the face of the new Lotus-Cortinas in the 2-litre class. Bill Blydenstein and Chris Lawrence had enjoyed success in the Lawrencetune cars and Team Tourist Trophy ran one for Dizzy Addicott. Garratt campaigned one such into 1965 in club events.

Driver : P.S. BATTEN

Car :     SUNBEAM RAPIER Series 3

Engine : ROOTES 1592cc

Class : 1200+

Production : ( Series 3 ) 27,054

( 1959-63 )


Andrew Mylius in his Saab at Zandvoort





VOLVO 122s


Vauxhall Victor VX4/90


Sunbeam Rapier


Car :     RENAULT 8 

Engine : ( non-standard ) FORD-LOTUS twin-cam 1600cc

Class :   1200+

Production : 1962-73

Wardle seems to be the first man to put a bigger engine in a rear-engined saloon in UK club racing ,10 years before the Daf and Skodas appeared. He used a Ford 1600cc unit in the rear of his R8. First appearing in 1964 Wardle was a regular during 1965 particulary in the BARC Spring Grove Championship.

Wardle went on to be a prime mover in 1970s Formula Atlantic.


Driver : H.R.MOORE

Car :     FORD ZEPHYR 6

Engine : FORD 2553cc

Class :   1200+

Production : 1962-66

The Zephyr ( and its luxury variant the Zodiac ) had been in saloon racing almost since its launch back in 1950 into the sharper-styled series 3 of 1962.

Ford ran a few Zodiacs in 1963 in Brit Saloons.  

Moore raced his in a few BARC Handicap races at Goodwood in 1964-65 ,best finish found 11th.


The Rapiers were still competiting in Brit saloons in their last season of 1963 with 2 works cars and 2 Alan Fraser cars until the Rootes racing department turned to other projects. Suprisingly ive found only 1 entry in club racing ,P.Batten

( Keltic Racing ) at Mallory 1964 ( rolled ) given the high profile of these cars.

A Patrick Batten rallied a series 3 in Historics in 2005 ( same guy ? ).



Renault 8- Lotus twin-cam

Ford Zephyr 6

Driver : 3 Entrants


Engine : BMC 1596cc

Class :   1200+

Production : over 51,212 (1962-71)

Amongst the many sporty Triumphs of the era was the Michelotti-designed Vitesse saloon or convertable ,a 6-cylinder version of the Hearald.

A.G.Brown and JBL Jacobs raced in BARC events in 1964 but most interesting is the version of B.G.Hawkins in 1965 described as a Vitesse-Jaguar.


Triumph Herald


Driver : A.M.H. WYNDHAM

Car :     AUSTIN/MORRIS 1100

Engine : BMC 1098cc

Class :   1200

Production : 2,365,420

(1962-74 all variants)

Huge selling car ( even my Grandad had one ) but few raced, with its predecessor the A40 and the Mini more popular from the BMC stable.

Wyndham racing in a few BARC races in 1965 without threatening the Mini domination.

Wardle at Brands July 1965 - David Clarke photo

Tony Stracey - Volvo 122S - known club races 1964

Andrew Mylius - Saab 96 sport - known club races 1964

Andrew Mylius - Saab 96 sport - known club races 1965

P Garratt  - Vauxhall Victor - known club races 1964

P Garratt  - Vauxhall Victor - known club races 1965

* driven by Mary Wheeler

P Batten  - Sunbeam Rapier - known club races 1964

A Wyndham  - Morris 1100 - known club races 1965

H Moore  - Ford Zephyr 6 - known club races 1964

H Moore  - Ford Zephyr 6 - known club races 1965

Peter Wardle - Renault 8 twin-cam - known club races 1964

Peter Wardle - Renault 8 twin-cam - known club races 1965

J Jacobs - Triumph Vitesse - known club races 1964

A.Brown - Triumph Vitesse - known club races 1964

B. Hawkins - Triumph Vitesse-Jaguar - known club races 1965


Wardle at Oulton 1965 - Eddie Whitham photo