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1967 Saloons Review

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over 1300cc class winner : TERRY SANGER ( Ford Cortina V8 4.7 )

1001 to 1300cc class winner : KEN COSTELLO ( Mini Cooper S 1.3 )

up to 1000cc class winner : BERNARD UNETT ( Hillman Imp 1.0 )

Overall Champion : Costello


1967 BARC SALOON CHAMPIONSHIP ( unsponsored )

over 1300cc class winner : ROGER TAYLOR ( Ford Anglia t/c 1.8 )

1001 to 1300cc class winner : CHRIS BUCKTON ( Mini Cooper S 1.3 )

851 to 1000cc class winner : ALAN PEER ( Ford Anglia 1.0 )

up to 850cc class winner : REG PAYNE ( Hillman Imp 850 )

Overall Champion : Payne

Terry Sanger

Two of the top club saloons of 1967 were the Terry Sanger Cortina V8 and the Roger Taylor Ford Anglia twin cam.


over 1300cc class winner : BRIAN ROBINSON ( Lotus Cortina 1.6 )

1001 to 1300cc class winner : STUART WHITEHEAD ( Mini Cooper S 1.3 )

851 to 1000cc class winner : GEOFF WOOD ( Mini Cooper S 1.0 )

up to 850cc class winner : MALCOLM QUICKFALL ( Mini 850 )

Overall Joint Champions : Whitehead and Quickfall


Doing a review of a season the best part of 50 years ago i`m grateful for the constantly high work by Autosport Magazine over the decades to have as a reliable reference point. So is the case here .

Ian Titchmarsh had the job of doing the seasonal review for the entire British club racing scene for the January 26th 1968 edition. He noted that the popularity of club racing was so great that there was no break through the winter. Back then it was normal to have racing on Boxing Day for example and he sugested the calender had indeed become too crowded leaving no off-season for competitors to recover , rebuild or prepare fully.

Other points of interest were the acknowledgemnt of the work MCD ( Motor Circuit Developments ) had done to make club racing more attractive through commercialisation. MCD had come close to buying the derilict Donington Park circuit in 1967 before it fell through. East Midland race fans would have to wait another 10 years for that to happen. Elsewhere the BARC were in the process of leaving their home track of Goodwood , now out of use , and moving to a new home track at Thruxton ready for 1968.  

Talk of `Festival Days` raised the question `whether the decision to allow advertising on racing cars will help the club competitor remains to be seen` . Of course without advertising on cars now i doubt there would be hardly any motorsport in the modrn era.

Regarding racing Saloons , the term Special Saloons didnt appear until around 1971 , were very popular. `Saloons and especially Minis are still far and away the most popular type of club racing car` noted Titchmarsh.


`The days of the large engined Anglias may be numbered in the face of the onslaught of V8s , but Roger Taylor kept his 1800cc Lotus-Anglia ahead of all but Terry Sanger and his bristly Cortina-Cobra. Taylor and Sanger , together with the Australian Brian Thomson and his Mustang and Brian Cutting and Peter Hawthorne with Anglias added spectacle and skill to many a club meeting. In the North Brian Robinson bought up every works Lotus Cortina in sight and in no time at all was demonstrating a natural flair`

`Each circuit still seems to nurture its own Mini expert in the 1300cc class but Ken Costello went everywhere to win the Redex Championship , only taking second spot when Alex Poole turned up with the 1967 version of the Booth-Poole Wolseley Hornet...Barry Pearson and John Wales also emerge as outstanding Mini men both also able to demonstrate versitility in other machines.`

May 1967 Brands Hatch : 1-litre rivals Dave Morgan ( Mini ) , Alan Peer ( Anglia ) and Bernard Unett ( Imp ) chase into bottom bend in a BRSCC Redex round. Unett would win the class though Peer won the equivelant class in the BARC championship.


`The 1-litre class provided some of the finest club racing of the season and one Mallory event in particular stands out , when nine of the topdrivers in this class battled panel-to-panel for lap after lap. Bernard Unett in another of Fraser`s Imps and Alan Peer`s F3-engined Anglia scooped most of the prizes.`


`There were two types of 850cc racing , free-for-all and Mini-Se7en Formula. Ray Payne was easily quickest of the former , winning the BARC`s Championship but since he consentratd on that alone , Bob Riley and Roger Williamson were free to share out the other events with their Bowdown and North End Minis respectively`

from Autosport January 1968

July 1967 - more Redex action as Charles Carling comes under pressure from Dave Morgan in the 1000cc class at Snetterton. The 4 classes were split into 2 races , one for the over 1300cc and up to 1000cc , the other for 1300cc cars and 850cc cars. The fastest cars in the race were reaching 90mph laps


1967 Saloon top race winners :

key to winners list. `Outright wins` are self explanitory and thus a class win in itself , `class wins` are additional class wins byond the outright winning car. Some drivers on the list had class wins in other formulas , those cars indicated in non bold type .  Additional driver not listed is Keith Holland on 22 outright wins who was the class winner in Amasco Marque  ( Jag E ) , GSM Delta , Formula Ford and a Ford Mustang. Totals dont differenciate between saloon wins and other Formula wins.