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John Absalom + his Ginetta G4

170_0628_068a Ginetta

Ray Green's photo of the succesful Ginetta G4 of John Absalom that won its class 19 times during the 1970 season. Pictured here at Mallory on June 28th 1970 where it won its class in the STP Championship round. Note the back doors of the truck list the class wins to date . With 19 by the seasons end they probably had run out of space by the end.

John Absalom - Ginetta G4-Ford 1.1 -known results 1970

Absalom 74 Absalom 74-2 170_0628_175 170_0628_176

Recorded in Autosport that John won 19 class wins ( 6 outright ) in 1970 ,the 9th highest tally in all UK club motor sport that season. All class wins acounted for on above chart.

The most prolific class winner in Ginettas in Modsports from its acceptence into Modified sports car racing for 1970 . John won 52 1150cc class wins in 1970/71/72 mostly in the northern circuits of Ingliston ,Croft and Rufforth. Entered by Chris Shutt of Ginetta agents the Felton Motor Company the G4 with subtle flared arches had a slightly over-bored Ford MAE engine. Even with less than 1150cc the G4 proved a real giant killer in Modsports with its handling often finishing in the top 3 overall against Elans ,E-Types ,Cobras and TVRs.

The G4 was so badly damaged late in 1971 that a new lightweight G4 was built up for 1972.

The next change was a move into the 2000cc class for 1973 when a Ford 1760cc was installed giving him 25 more class wins ( 17 outright ) and a further 20 class wins in 1974 before the car was subsiquently raced by other drivers and slipped away from the Modsport scene.

Thus making a grand total of 97 class wins over those 5 seasons not counting the pre-Modsport ones of the late 60s.

John Absalom - Ginetta G4-Ford 1.1 -known results 1971

Recorded in Autosport that John won 16 class wins ( 3 outright ) in 1971 ,the 13th highest tally in all UK club motor sport that season. All class wins acounted for on above chart. Nottm SCC 'Dick Protheroe' class winner. Car believed wrote off in last race of table . Autopsort reported 'Absalom snapped at his heels ( Fletcher ) in th little Ginetta until lap 11 Absalom locked up going into sunny and crashed into the barriers. He was uninjured but the erstwhile immaculate G4 was reduced to its constituent parts'

John Absalom - Ginetta G4-Ford 1.1 -known results 1972

Recorded total class wins not known. 17 on above table ( including 3 outright wins ). Class win retained in Nottm SCC 'Dick Protheroe' Championship. Believed second G4 used , Autosport reported Absalom racing a 'new lightweight' and using a Lucas Ford 1.1.

Ginetta G4 1760cc - 1973/74

John Absalom - Ginetta G4-Ford 1760cc -known results 1973

Absalom 74-2

Recorded class wins recorded in Autosport for 1973 is 6 , including 3 outright , now in the 2-litre class pitching Absalom squarely against the likes of Jon Fletcher. Above table to be expanded as 1973s results become known. Noted by Autosport April1973 'John Absalom now has his Ginetta G4 in 1760cc ( Ford Crossflow ) guise going really well...'

John Absalom - Ginetta G4-Ford 1760cc -known results 1974

1974 class wins total not confirmed but above table indicates 19 ( 14 of which were outright ). Advert below states 20


Richard Sutherland - Ginetta G4-Ford 1760cc -known results 1975

During the winter of 1974/75 Chris Shutt advertised the Absalom car for sale for £2200. This being the only 2-litre class G4 in Modsports as im aware of at the time.

Ownership details become sketchy from now on regarding this car. Autopsort recorded that on April 6th 1975 'Absalom's G4 appeared for the Vitesse Trophy race but with Richard Sutherland driving it. Absalom taking the role of entrant only'.

The car then may or maybe not raced in Ireland in 1976 by Peter Baker.

More info needed to expand this article.