Roger Williamson


Class : 1000cc Engine : F3 Holbay 997cc Entrant : North End Motors 1970 wins : 17 9 outright + 8 further class Honours : outright BRSCC Hepolite Glacer champion

The much loved and much missed golden boy from Leicester who went on to race in Formula 1 only to be killed in 1973. Roger was both a very gifted mechanic and racer. His Anglia was bought late 1968 after his F3 Cooper went up in a garage fire and the Holbay engine was salvaged and put into what had been the 1650cc Anglia. After some initial tough results in 1969 Roger had a well prepped car and rebuilt engine for 1970. 12 class wins in the BRSCC Championship won him the outright title and marked him as one of the rising talents in the country. In 1971 Roger moved back into single-seaters. The Anglia was then raced by Gerry Taylor becoming the famous 'Swish'-sponsored car.

Terry McNally

McNally-john fox photo

Class : 1000cc Engine : M.A.E. 997cc F3 Entrant : C.S.M.A. 1970 wins : 16 10 outright + 6 further class Honours : BRDC Triplex class runner-up

Terry McNally was a Silverstone regular and took 2nd in class the new-for-1970 BRDC Triplex championship based at the famous circuit. His Anglia was quite distintive in that it had a chopped down grill in 1970 for extra cooling. His 4 class wins wasnt quite enough to beat class rival Mike Evans in the Mini but a year later in 1971 Terry went one bettter and got the class win in the same championship. The car gained sponsorship from Revolution Wheels in June 1971 onwards.
Terry had previously raced a 'big' engined Anglia before the switch to the 1-litre class winning 12 times in 1969 between the two ,the third most for an Anglia driver that year going one better in 1970. Terry jointly set a new class lap record around Mallory with Ken Walker in May 1970 with a 55.4 second lap.


Mick Hill


Class : over 1300cc Engine : Jaguar 3.8 Entrant : C.S.M.A. 1970 wins : 8 3 outright + 5 further class Honours : BRDC Triplex class runner-up

Mick's first supersaloon was the Ford Anglia-Jaguar known as the Janglia , or Jaglia as it was called back in the Hot Car article 1968. Built and raced by Richard Scantlebury Mick bought the car in January 1968 for £350. Hill soon found the car needed a lot of work and kept breaking its diff so spent 2 years developing the car. Mike Berman grafted on a Lotus-Cortina suspension plus other mods and Gerry Taylor supplied a new bodyshell for the car. By 1970 Mick had a fully reliable and competitive car taking a class 2nd in the BRDC Triplex championship. Autosport recorded 8 class wins in its season summary ,though i can only find 3 at this point which would it the most successful 'big anglia' of 1970 with its 3.8 Jaguar 6 rated 265 bhp in standard tune.
In September Hill sold the Janglia to Norman Hodgson so he could focus his attentions on building his Ford Capri Boss. The Janglia had a few owners though the 70s but never matched the results of 1970 its best season.


John Myerscough

Class : over 1300cc Engine : Ford twin-cam 1800 cc Entrant : Westune 1970 wins : 6 5 outright + 1 further class Honours : Hepolite class runner-up


Myerscough - b.30th May 1936 - was the Sales Director of Alfa Romeo dealers Westune of Horwick ( Bolton ). He started racing in 1966 with a Mini ,moving on to a big engined Anglia twin-cam prepared by Westune. John focused on the Hepolite Championship gaining 8 class top 3 places ,usually chasing Dave Brodie to 2nd in class in the seasons end. Most other races were at Oulton Park picking up some outright wins. The car was advertised for sale at the end of 1970 for £925. Described as the fastest big Anglia with all steel 1800 t/c ,big valve head ,BRM cams ,special rear suspension plus fibreglass front and doors and with a best Oulton Park lap time of 1min 52. John had a spell in F5000 bfore returning to saloons with Escorts and perhaps inevitiably Alfa Romeos during the 70s.


David Lindsay

Class : over 1300cc Engine : Ford twin-cam 1650 cc Entrant : 1970 wins : 6 ( 6 outright )* 7 in all Honours :

The Irish saloon scene didnt have a championship as such but the top men of 1970 were the Lindsay brothers in almost identical 1650 Anglias ,Mattie McNamara's 1800 version and Alec Poole's Complan turbo Mini. David won 6 races according to Autosport though I can find 7 . 4 of which were at Kirkistown in Northern Ireland where he made 70-second fastest laps.

Les Nash

Les Nash


Class : 1000cc Engine : Lucas 997cc Entrant : 1970 wins : 3 1 outright + 2 further class Honours :


Les Nash 35-year old ran a car sales/repair business in North London and had raced Anglias since 1964 including a Superspeed-prepared car in the 1300+ class. Moving into G5 in 1968 he took a class 2nd in the 1-litre British Saloon Car Championship. 1969 Nash raced his Anglia in 11 rounds of the 1969 British Saloon Car Championship taking the 1-litre class runner-up place on 4 occassions in the Anglias last season in Group 5. The car was 'modified and lightened from Group V for club events' as his advert said at the season's end and finished every race it entered. His cars were all nicknamed The Purple People Eater' . Nash would have his career highlight in 1971 winning the Hepolite Glacer championship outright.

John MacDonald


Class : 1000cc Engine : BRM 997cc Entrant : Compact Conversions 1970 wins : 1 ( 1 class win ) Honours :


John MacDonald ( b.12th May 1947 ) from Middlesex raced his ex-Broadspeed Anglia with BRM-tuned F3 engine in various saloon races on 1970 , mostly at Brands Hatch and Thruxton. The car was later raced by John Turner when John went into running single-seaters with Mick Ralph. They formed RAM and under that banner raced several F1 chassis' as a privateer team into the 1980s. 8th at Brazil 1984 was the team's best finish.

Bailie rusell

Baillie Jo Russell


Class : over 1300cc Engine : Vegantune 1558cc Entrant : Geoff Nicklen 1970 wins : 0 Honours : Triplex 3rd in class

Adrian Bethell

Class : over 1300cc Engine : 1804cc 1970 wins : 2 ( 2 class wins )

Mike Chittenden

Class : over 1300cc Engine : Pushrod 1650cc 1970 wins : 1 ( 1 outright )

Chittenden was one of the fastest drivers round Brands Hatch in 1970 and used his trusty Morris Minor 1650 pushrod to good effect against much newer cars. In the Autumn he sold the Mog on and finished the season in an Anglia but used the same 1650cc unit for 5 late season races at Brands ( 1 win ). The combination continued through 1971 before going onto new cars.


Mike Barnes

Class : over 1300cc Engine : Pushrod 1650cc 1970 wins : 0

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