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Bill Cox 'WRC' Ford Capri

Built in 1969 by Bill Cox his 'WRC' ( William R. Cox ) Capri was one of the very first home built chassis to go into special saloon racing. The roof and rear were real Capri but with a glassfibre front section and aluminum doors. It always had the biggest engine Bill could find through its long life spanning the entire 1970s. Firstly with a Chrysler 6150cc V8 when the car was finished in gold. By the time it made the now revered CCC 'Big bangers are back' article of 1974 it had a de-tuned 7.6 Chevy Can-Am race engine from Ian Richardson whilst in its red livery.

Whilst it didnt win as much as its potential may have suggested its spirit was very much what big super saloons were all about and Bill enjoyed his racing throughout the heyday decade for these monsters.


Bill Cox 'WRC'- Chrysler 6150cc known special saloon races - 1970

Bill Cox 'WRC'- Chrysler 6150cc known special saloon races - 1971


dated June 28th 1970

CoxWRC Cox Mar71

March 1971 : A gloomy Mallory Park captured in this atmospheric photograph. The WRC getting attention .

NAME : Bill Cox

BORN : 1927?




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