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Boley Pittard

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The Jersey man enjoyed a fruitful 1964 season winning his class in the Barc Spring Grove Championship ( 2nd overall ) and 2nd in class in the BRSCC Championship ( 3rd overall ) in the John Willmet 1650cc push-rod Ford Anglia. His efforts were rewarded by a drive to 4th in the Oulton Park Gold Cup for the Willment Team. His Anglia was actually damaged by another car on the inlap after winning the Britax race at Silverstone on Oct 3rd , forcing an overnight switch to a Willment Cortina for the Brands Hatch finale the next day !

Boley moved into international sports car racing and Formula 3 in Italy.

Tragically Pittard would succumb from his injuries at Monza in a Formula 3 race on June 4th 1967 before his full potential was realised. He was 29.

1964 known club results for Boley Pittard

All races in the John Willment Ford Anglia 1650cc Ford pushrod except for the last race ( Oct 4th ) in the team`s Lotus Cortina . After 1964 Boley did some races in the British Saloon Cars and raced an Alfa Romeo GTZ for the Walker-Day equipe before going into F3. In his obitury in Autosport Paddy NcNally commented `His perseverance soon found him in an Anglia , with which he scored no less than 20 outright victories and earned him a place in John Willment`s team`. It`s not clear if there were 2 Anglias or Willment just took over the preperation of the Anglia and repainted it in team colours. The 1965 season Brian Newton was described as racing in the ex-Pittard Anglia.

1965 known club results for Brian Newton -Anglia 1650 cc


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