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1969 JAG Franey 69 Jag Cowin Jag Quick ex-Pearce at Coys Historic Sstone2009

1969 Production GTs in a nutshell. Jaguars ,Healeys ,Midgets and the rest.

John Quick in 'WOO II' heads for another win at Brands Hatch. Quick won the BARC class in 1967+1969 and in one of the famous Jaguar E-Types of the time.

3000cc+ CLASS WINNERS - were all Jaguar E-Types


CAR : E-Type FHCoupe 'WOO II'

CHASSIS : 860675

ENGINE : 3781cc

COLOUR : Green

WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 37



C.PALACE ( 02/08/69 )

LYDDEN ( 19/08/67 )

THRUXTON ( 12/10/69 )









John`s first competition with his new aquired FHC was the Tulip Rally in April 1964 one of 6 international rallies before turning to circuit races.

Beautifully turned out at a modern day Historic meeting. The car now owned by Marc Devis .

One of the best known E's and perhaps surprisingly it`s owner John Quick competed in 6 International Rallies before taking to the circuits with the Tulip ,Alpes and RAC Rallies in 1964+65.

John an electrical Wholesale company Director from Dulwich bought the car second hand for £1200 in January 1964 and so started its long development and very succesful racing career. After the Rallies and Sprint events its circuit debut was at Goodwood ,May 1965.

Whilst not outwardly very modified the development of the car featured much use of fibreglass where possible to get the weight down. Details of the engine modifications are well documented on page 169 of Peter Griffiths' book 'Jaguar E-Type Factory and Private Competition Cars' ( 2018 ).

4 wins in 1966 are listed and Autosports yearly reviews gives Quick 37 outright and class wins in the 1967-69 era. With 4 more in Modsports in 1970 from 4 starts that's at least 45.

Quick ( what an approprite name ) won the 'big' class in the BARC Championship in 1967+1969.


John and his car were featured in Motor Sport ( January 1967 ) :

Previously raced by Tony Knight and Alistair Crawford the black Roadster ran under the 'Molash Racing Partnership' from Molash in Kent in 1967 for driver Keith Holland. He did use 4 different Formula cars ( E , GSM , Mustang and FF ) during the season winning an impressive 23 times ,the E-Type wins not specified. Holland went into F5000 and the E-Type was raced in 1968 by Mike Loveday who earned the unwanted nickname of 'spinner' but had sharks teeth painted to the repainted Jag's 'mouth' at one point and raced with no hardtop. JAGS68

Loveday between Pearce and Wilson in 1968. Note the sharks teeth ,tripple wipers and open top.


Jag Vincent

The odd one out here but included due to being in the 1967 list of class winners.

One of the 12 original Lightwight Roadsters and has a well documented race history ( see link ).

Gentleman racer Bob Vincent from Wigan bought the ex-Sutcliffe car from Red Rose Motors late 1965 and due to it being a Lightweight it had to be raced in Sports/GT not Marque like the others documanted on this page. Bob won his class 6 times in the Motoring News Championship of 1967 before selling the car on to Hillclimber Bob Jennings who was very succesful in her.

Later owned by Brian Corser ,Walter Hill in Florida ,Juan Barazi who had DK Engineering restore and then Jonathan Turner.


More information needed on this car of Henryk Synowiec that recored 5 class wins in Marque racing in 1967.


CAR : E-Type Roadster '7 CXW'

( also 'ROB 2', 'GKP 631D' )

CHASSIS : 850096

ENGINE : 3781cc


WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 8+




An early Roadster raced by Ken Baker in the early/mid 1960s before being raced by Rob Schroeder from Kent under the 'Autogroom' banner. It had brightly coloured wheels and side exhaust plus the 'ROB 2' plate was used.

When Alistair Cowin pulled out of the 1968 Amasco Chamapionship with the class lead Schroeder was best placed to take the lead but ended up losing out to Waren Pearce.

The car was on the front cover of 'Hot Car' magazine ( Jan 1969 ).

Post Schroeder the car continued into the Modsport era with firstly Alan 'Demon Tweeks' Minshaw ,then John Harper / Alan Measham at Forward Engineering.

Later owned by Stephen Sharp and in the early 1990s was converted to effictively Lightweight spec by current owner Paul Webb.

CAR : E-Type hardtop Roadster

'256 DJU'


ENGINE : 3781cc


WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 28




When John Lewis bought this famous semi-lightweight roadster from Paul Vestey at the end of the 1966 season he would have a particulary rich 1967 season at club level. 21 class wins is a huge tally given the rest of the class were nearly all also in E-Types. Its noted that 17 wins were consecutive and 6 lap records broken along the way. Still in the Vestey dark blue its surprising he didnt win a title that season however he took the 1968 BARC Fred Dixon class with 'only' 7 class wins.

The car then passed through 4 non-racing owners before Lewis reacquired her and put her back on the tracks for others to race. Nigel Mansell in 1980 was one but mostly for Roger Mac who with works backing won the FIA Historic GT Championship outright in 1983+87 .

The 1993 Historic TdF was its last competition before retirement . The car came up for sale in 2019 , see link.

CAR : E-Type Hard top Roadster '310 WK'.


ENGINE : 3781cc

COLOUR :  dark blue

WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 40

TOTAL WINS 1960s : 57




For many this car would be the Champion E-Type of the era 1967-69 ,the dark blue Roadster of Warren Pearce. Not just its haul of 40 class wins but it ,after a break, went into Modsports and continued its long track history. Pearce ran WP Motors in London's Belgravia specialising in Jaguar performance conversions . He first competed this car in very standard form in 1965 but by the end of the 1966 it begun to be modified. It was track tested by Motorsport Magazine ( Jan 1967 ) which stated 17 wins from 35 starts in 1966 . This would push the car's record to 57 by the end of the decade.

Pearce had been racing Jaguars since 1955 and these mods were good advertising for his Garage. Later owner Brian Murphy credited some of the car's ability down to the Pearce rear suspension mods.

His finest achivement was winning the 1968 MCD 'Amasco' class , benefitting best from the withdrawl of Alistair Cowin mid season.  The car was recognisable for its V-shaped sash down the bonnet. Fewer wins in 1969 the car was advertised for sale for a long period ,1970 to end of 1973 for £1550. Frank Wright owned it at some point during the quiet years before Brian Murphy took it back to the tracks regulary.

In the modern era the car re-appeared at Coys Historic Silverstone 2009 ( see photo ).


JagPearce68 pearce71 pearce73


CAR : E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : not known

ENGINE : 4000cc

COLOUR :  silver ?

WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 9+





Alisiair Cowin was leading both the BARC and MCD Championships when he put the car up for sale in June 1968 ahead of getting his McLaren Elva group 7 car. Otherwise his win tally would have been higher than 9

( as recorded by Autosport ) and a likely class winner.

Colin Folwell of Corbeau seat fame bought the car and raced it into the Modsport era until 1971 when it went to James Mehew to win the BARC class that year.

Jag Lewis1 Jag Schroeder

Rob Schroeder leads the E of Keith Holland at an Amasco round at Brands Hatch 1968.


CAR : 1964 E-Type FHC 'BGC 22B'

( Originally '128 MAL' )


ENGINE : 3781cc


WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 17+




One of the 2 famous 'Dell Tune' fixed-head coupes and sister car to John Burbidge's of Dell Garage of Andover by Thruxton.

A period news clipping revealed Tony had lightened the car to 21cwt ( from the standard 25 ) and his cylinder head mod gave him an extra 15bhp. That's 1067 kgs weight in metric.

Shaw held the lap record at Combe ,set Oct 1969 at 1m 9.6.

When advertised in 2015 it was claimed to have raced continuously from 1966 to 1996 with 52 victories and podiums. Shaw clocked up 11 during the 68+69 seasons before taking her into the Modsport era.

Sold to Pino Scarpino in 1971.


Jag Shaw


Jag Cuff

CAR : E-Type FHC '8448 TJ'

( also '138 FLY' )

CHASSIS : 861227

ENGINE : 4200cc

COLOUR : RED in period

WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 5+




Raced by John Cuff  in red from 1963 to 1967 with a 2nd place in class on the 1964 Tulip Rally and early event along with Sprints before becoming a track car as the season wore on.

Ted Worswick bought the car for 1968 which he used in Production GTs before getting his succesful Modsports Roadster for 1970 ( PBC 112 ).

Later owned by John Walker ( 1971-74 ). 

The car went to the States in 1993 .,11247/1963-jaguar-xke-lightweight.aspx

the top Jaguars ( 1967-69 ) in terms of class wins :


Jag Wilson

CAR : E-Type Roadster 'PBC 112'


ENGINE : 3781cc


WINS ( 1967-69 ) : 7+

( many more wins in the 70s )




Raced by John Wilson during the 60s as a red roadster with black factory hard top. By 1968 Wilson had modified the car with flared arches, racing hardtop and painted her silver.  

Despite being a regular finisher Wilson didnt figure in the class wins charts of 5 or more in 1967+68.

For 1969 however the car now back in red and with 2 nostrils cut out over the mouth it took Mike Franey to the MCD Amasco class title with 7 outright wins during the season.

This car was bought by Ted Worswick and he won 14 times in 1970 before its Modsport career was continued by Dave Moore ,Brian Mills ,John Myerscough and Fred Cliffe.

Today the beautifully presented car is campaigned onhillclimb events by Hayden Spedding ( see link ).

other modified E-Types of note ( 1967-69 ) :

Jan Filby 2

1967 - John Filby ( centre ) holding off Rhoddy-Harvey Bailey in the Protheroe CUT 8 car and John Chatham's Healey.

'4778 LJ' FILBEE

CAR : E-Type Roadster '4778 LJ'

CHASSIS : 850031

ENGINE : 3781cc


WINS ( 1967-69 ) : less than 10

LAP RECORD : MALLORY ( 08/06/69 )

Raced throughout the 60s by John Filbee and whilst not registering on Autosports class wins charts for the 1967-69 period it was reported in Jaguar World Monthly that John won 20 times during the 60s as well as numerous 2nds and 3rds so deserves a mention here.

Now restored to a very high standard by Vicarage.





Jag tudor-Owen

Boxing Day 1967 - Jenny Tudor-Owen gets a brief jump over the more famous cars of Pearce and Holland at Brands Hatch. Photo Peter Burn.

More information needed about this FHC raced by Jenny Tudor-Owen in 1967. Entered by Warren Pearce.

Photo shows it wearing larger than standard tires and a neat tail spoiler .

Jenny was a regular competitor at Goodwood before it closed in 1966 in MGB and Lotus Elan.

 JAG Franey 69 Jag Quick2

The years immediatley prior to the Modsport era  ( 1967-69 )  saw Production GT cars as they were known develop wider stances ,lighter body panels and in the case of the fastest Midgets semi-spaceframes. In the 'big' capacity class ( over 3000cc ) the Jaguar E reigned supreme ,almost unchallenged although competition between rival E-type drivers was so fierce that the class didn't provide any outright championship winners.

This section reviews the top Es of the era in terms of who won most races ,though not always representing the most modified. Some of these cars are still around today and have become very valuable so here are the top cars and who drove them...

Jag Quick

the classic Pearce livery with 'zip' sash

Jag book


The 2018 publication 'Jaguar E Type Factory and Private Competition Cars' by Peter Griffiths

My thanks to Autosport and the Peter Griffiths book for accurate referrences in the making of this article.