Jag Burbidge

the top Jaguars ( 1970 ) in terms of class wins :

1967 JOHN QUICK 9 + 0 = 9
1968 JOHN QUICK 6 + 2 = 8
1969 JOHN QUICK 19 + 1 = 20


CAR : E-Type FHCoupe 'WOO II'

CHASSIS : 860675
ENGINE : 3781cc
COLOUR : Green
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 4
WINS ( 1970 ) : 4

Jag Quick

The E of John Quick is one of the most famous and is known by its registration 'WOO II'

John an electrical Wholesale company Director from Dulwich first campaigned her in 1964 and became more succesful as the 60s wore on winning the 'big' class in the BARC Championship in both 1967+1969.
41 recorded wins coming 1970 John cut back to selected events and won outright races from his 4 starts with 3 fastest laps. So although not a regualar 1970 Modsport E its wins earns it place in this chart.

Dell Tune
Jag Shaw


CAR : 1964 E-Type FHC 'BGC 22B'

( Originally '128 MAL' )
ENGINE : 3781cc
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 11
WINS ( 1970 ) : 4

One of the 2 famous 'Dell Tune' fixed-head coupes and sister car to John Burbidge's of Dell Garage of Andover by Thruxton.
A period news clipping revealed Tony had lightened the car to 21cwt ( from the standard 25 ) and his cylinder head mod gave him an extra 15bhp. That's 1067 kgs weight in metric.
When advertised in 2015 it was claimed to have raced continuously from 1966 to 1996 with 52 victories and podiums. Shaw clocked up 11 during the 68+69 seasons before taking her into the Modsport era with 4 class wins shared between Thruxton and Castle Combe.
Sold to Pino Scarpino in 1971.

Jag Shaw2

spot the difference...top photo sees Tony Shaw on route to winning at Thruxton April 1970 having won at Combe the previous day. However in late May Tony crashed into a Marshal's post whilst avoiding the similar car of John Burbidge. The car was badly damaged to the point that the car had to be re-shelled onto a new chassis using most of the original racing and lightweights parts. The car didnt return until late August so the summer had been lost during the rebuild. 2 more class wins were then achieved before the car went to Pino Scarpino for 1971. The rear facing air vent on side window is a guide to identifying the rebuilt car.

1967 TONY SHAW less than 5
1968 TONY SHAW 6 + 0 = 6
1969 TONY SHAW 9 + 2 = 11
1970 TONY SHAW 2 + 2 = 4


Jag Archer
170_0419_001 JaguarPeter Archer

CAR : 1962 E-Type FHC '336 PAR'

CHASSIS : 861039
ENGINE : 3781cc
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 13
WINS ( 1970 ) : 1

1969 PETER ARCHER less than 5

Peter Archer had a busy 1970 season in his 1962 coupe having won outright the Autumn Cup race the previous October at Oulton Park. He spread his season between both the big championships , the Chevron Oils and STP where he tended to finish 3rd or 4th in class typically. There was one class win when he won outright at Mallory in a BARC race on April 19th ( see photo ). One race the car was driven by Tony Archer.
The car then became a Drag racer with 'Morry' Maurice 1973-79 was later restored and converted into a FIA Historic race car by Lynx Motors in bright yellow and now resides in Geneva competing in continental events.


Folwell`s advert of February 1971

1967 ALISTAIR COWIN less than 5
1968 ALISTAIR COWIN 7 + 2 = 9
1969 COLIN FOLWELL less than 5


CAR : E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : not known
ENGINE : 4000cc
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 7
WINS ( 1970 ) : 3

Alistair Cowin was leading both the BARC and MCD Championships when he put the car up for sale in June 1968 ahead of getting his McLaren Elva group 7 car.
Colin Folwell of Corbeau seat fame bought the car and raced it into the Modsport era until 1971 when it went to James Mehew to win the BARC class that year. Folwell raced it entirely at the Kent tracks as far as I can tell winning his class 3 times in non-championship rounds.

Jag Minshaw

7CXW as she is today raced by current owner Paul Webb. Photo by Michael Cole.

1967 ROB SCHROEDER less than 5
1968 ROB SCHROEDER 7 + 1 = 8
1969 ALAN MINSHAW less than 5


CAR : 1961 E-Type Roadster '7 CXW'

( also 'ROB 2', 'GKP 631D' )
CHASSIS : 850096
ENGINE : 3781cc
COLOUR : probably RED in 1970 ?
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 1
WINS ( 1970 ) : 1

An early Roadster raced by Ken Baker in the early/mid 1960s before being raced by Rob Schroeder from Kent under the 'Autogroom' banner.
Post Schroeder the car continued into the Modsport era with firstly Alan 'Demon Tweeks' Minshaw ,then John Harper / Alan Measham at Forward Engineering.
Having won the opening STP round at Oulton in March 1970 Minshaw had a practice crash when 2 weeks later for round 2 at the same venue. This ended the season and required a rebuild.
Later owned by Stephen Sharp and in the early 1990s was converted to effictively Lightweight spec by current owner Paul Webb.

'E 141' SPICER


CAR : 1961 E-Type Roadster 'E 141'

( also '5292 UR' )
CHASSIS : 850066
ENGINE : 3781cc
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 5
WINS ( 1970 ) : 1

Brian Spicer from London N19 raced this Roadster through the 60s when it looked standard and had a standard black hard top.
Had at least 5 races in the Modsport era in 1970 , 3 of which were at Snetterton.
The 5th race was June 28th and he overturned the car in a race at the Norfolk track and that seems to have ended his season.
In 1971 the car was advertised by Brian for £1500 with 'new chassis body unit. Professionally rebuilt by Albert Betts'.
It reappeared in 1972 driven by Bill De Selincourt under the banner of Ember Racing with John Quick. Then raced by Reg Woodcock until a bad accident in 1978 put it out of action again.
Now restored and raced at Goodwood by Nigel Webb.

at Thruxton June 1970

Jag Spicer

and with current owner Nigel Webb at the Goodwood revival

1968 BRIAN SPICER less than 5
1969 BRIAN SPICER less than 5


Jag Murphy72

CAR : E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : Not Known
ENGINE : 3781cc
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 5
WINS ( 1970 ) : 1 ( Murphy )

The 2 Liverpool-based E-Type racers Dave Moore of Mayfield Garage and Brian Murphy from Rainford had a few cars between them but Dave`s son posted this on a thread in 2007 which helps clarify that the pair raced the same car back in 1970 before both later had other Es. 'My Dad had a number of E Types over the years and enjoyed that period tremendously.
He started off in the late 60's buying a car of Roger Worrell with his pal Brian Murphy which was a Orange and Black Fixed head. Sharing this car for the first time at Aintree Brian doing the Modsports race and my Dad doing the Libre race, unfortunatley Brian rolled the car at Village corner which resulted in them removing front and rear windscreens borrowing a pair of goggles and racing with no windows. After this accident the car was repainted eggshell blue.
After many engine rebulds my Dad decided that sharing with Brian wasnt the best option so He bought another car the ex-Ted Worswick which was red but was painted Eggshell Blue also to race alongside Brian unfortunatley in the early 70's my Dad had to sell this car to raise finances and sold this car to Brian Mills.'

1969 ROGER WORRELL less than 5
1970 MOORE + MURPHY 0 + 1 = 1

Brian Mills raced his orange E-Type in the early part of the 70s before as mentioned above added the ex-Worrell/Murphy/Mills blue car.
The Peter Griffiths book believes Mills bought the car from Mike Smith due to the cars' similarities. However in the same Autosport edition as the Smith advert is mention of Mills racing an E at Silverstone the previous weekend. The advert was still running by mid-August and not under the race car section so it`s less likely to be the ex-Smith car that Mills was running.


CAR : E-Type

CHASSIS : Not Known
ENGINE : 3781cc
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 3
WINS ( 1970 ) : 1



Left : Alan Leeson in his supercharged E-Type in 1970 with distinctive air scoop on the nose.

Above : the same car after its rebuild by Peter Griffiths prior to it going to a Museum in the Czech Republic.

Alan Leeson`s E-Type was different from most as it used a Wade Supercharger which is reported to have helped with its straight line speed.
Bought from Jack LeFort after club races in the 60s before Leeson turned her into a Modsport car. He raced it until 1974 selling on to John Oxborough and had a long modified race history through into the 80s. By 2008 it had been restored and now resides in a Czech Museum.

CAR : 1962 E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : 860136
ENGINE : 3781cc Supercharged
KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 5
WINS ( 1970 ) : 1

KEY : FHC means fixed head coupe , DHC means drop head coupe or roadster with removable roof.
SOURCE : The above table is a collation of data taken from Autosport Magazine over the entire 1970 season. Whilst race reports wont have mentioned every Jaguar E at every race over the season it does give a realistic perspective on the cars that featured more often and had more class wins. Apologies to any driver not listed or under recorded in this table.

Jag book


The 2018 publication 'Jaguar E Type Factory and Private Competition Cars' by Peter Griffiths

My thanks to Autosport and the Peter Griffiths book for accurate referrences in the making of this article.

known races for selected drivers :

Ted Worswick 1970 known races :

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