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CAR : E-Type FHCoupe 'WUO 3K'

CHASSIS :     -

ENGINE : 5343cc ( in 1974 )

COLOUR : Yellow

KNOWN STARTS ( 1974 ) : 10

WINS ( 1974 ) : 1 outright + 2




Guy Beddington along with Bryan Litherland flew the Jaguar flag in the BARC Blue Circle Championship during 1974. Guy`s car had the biggest engine in the whole championship using the V12 5343cc unit , later going to 6-litres. 2 Blue Circle class wins were gained , at Thruxton race 1 and Llandow. 

Later ( 1980 ) the car was painted white and raced by Pink Floyd Manager Steve O'Rourke. Today the car is owned by John Rundell in Australia , still in modified form but now in silver.

WATNEY Ex-Cliffe

CAR : E-Type


ENGINE : 3800cc

COLOUR :  D. Blue + yellow

KNOWN STARTS ( 1974 ) : 3

WINS ( 1974 ) : 1 class





Very early FHC bought by Simon Watney from Fred Cliffe in 1973 who had used it in Hillclimb events. Simon developed the car and raced it for the rest of the decade until selling it to Paul Webb who painted it red . Then onto Paul Palmer in lqte 80s and then Peter Griffiths and Webb again  who turned it into an FIA spec car.


the top Jaguar Es ( 1974 ) in terms of class wins :


CAR : E-Type

CHASSIS : Not Known

ENGINE : 3781cc


KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 3

WINS ( 1970 ) : 1





Brian Mills raced his orange E-Type in the early part of the 70s before as mentioned above added the ex-Worrell/Murphy/Mills blue car.

The Peter Griffiths book believes Mills bought the car from Mike Smith due to the cars' similarities. However in the same Autosport edition as the Smith advert is mention of Mills racing an E at Silverstone the previous weekend. The advert was still running by mid-August and not under the race car section so it`s less likely to be the ex-Smith car that Mills was running.


Jag book


The 2018 publication 'Jaguar E Type Factory and Private Competition Cars' by Peter Griffiths

My thanks to Autosport and the Peter Griffiths book for accurate referrences in the making of this article.


CAR : E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : 860081

ENGINE : 3781cc



( 1970 ) : 25

WINS ( 1970 ) : 8




One of 2 famous Dell Tune Jaguars that were a fixture of Thruxton in the hands of John Burbidge and Tony Shaw. John had a busy 1970 season with 25-odd races of 9 were at the fast Hampshire track . Being the home of the BARC it made sense to chase the BARC Chevron Oils Championship which visited there 3 or 4 times during the season. John won 3 races outright during 1974 these at Thruxton , Combe and Brands.

John who ran the family Bakey in Andover raced this car from at least 1966 to 1974 . An accident whilst Enduro trial Biking in 1975 cost JB the sight in one eye which lead to his racing retirement after such a great career. Later owned by Bob Kerr ,Tom McCallum and Bernie Breeze and is now painted yellow and was for sale in France in 2016.

Jaguar E-Types in Modsports - 1974

By 1974 the Jaguar E was still very relevant in Modsports in what was the final year of production for of Britian's best loved sports cars. It wasnt the front runner it had been and E Type outright victories numbered just 7 that season as the more nimble Davrian and Lotus Elan cars tended to come out on top.

In their class however they remained the car to beat with opposition typically from John Pearson's famous XK120 , Morgan +8 and 8 cylinder TVRs in the over 3000cc class.

This page documants the top Jaguars that raced in the 1974 season.



CAR : 1962 E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : 860136

ENGINE : 3781cc Supercharged


KNOWN STARTS ( 1970 ) : 5

WINS ( 1970 ) : 1





Alan Leeson`s E-Type was different from most as it used a Wade Supercharger which is reported to have helped with its straight line speed.

Bought from Jack LeFort after club races in the 60s before Leeson turned her into a Modsport car. He raced it until 1974 selling on to John Oxborough and had a long modified race history through into the 80s. By 2008 it had been restored and now resides in a Czech Museum.



1970 MODSPORT JAGUARS at a glance

KEY : FHC means fixed head coupe , DHC means drop head coupe or roadster with removable roof.

SOURCE : The above table is a collation of data taken from Autosport Magazine over the entire 1970 season. Whilst race reports wont have mentioned every Jaguar E at every race over the season it does give a realistic perspective on the cars that featured more often and had more class wins. Apologies to any driver not listed or under recorded in this table.

JagBurbidge JagLeeson IMG_0008

Left : Alan Leeson in his supercharged E-Type in 1970 with distinctive air scoop on the nose.

Above : the same car after its rebuild by Peter Griffiths prior to it going to a Museum in the Czech Republic.

known races for selected drivers :

Ted Worswick 1970 known races  :

The top Modsport E of 1970 was the red roadster of Ted Worswick before going to Dave Moore and then Brian Mills.

CAR : E-Type Roadster 'PBC 112'


ENGINE : 3781cc


KNOWN STARTS ( 1974 ) : 8

WINS ( 1974 ) : 2 class





LITHERLAND Ex-Worrell ,Murphy/Moore


Dell Tune


CAR : 1964 E-Type FHC 'BGC 22B'

( Originally '128 MAL' )


ENGINE : 3781cc


KNOWN STARTS ( 1974 ) : 6

WINS ( 1974 ) : 3 + 2 = 5




One of the 2 famous 'Dell Tune' fixed-head coupes and sister car to John Burbidge's of Dell Garage of Andover nearby Thruxton.

A period news clipping revealed Tony had lightened the car to 21cwt ( from the standard 25 ) and his cylinder head mod gave him an extra 15bhp. That's 1067 kgs weight in metric.

When advertised in 2015 it was claimed to have raced continuously from 1966 to 1996 with 52 victories and podiums. Shaw clocked up 11 during the 68+69 seasons before taking her into the Modsport era with 4 class wins shared between Thruxton and Castle Combe.

Sold to Pino Scarpino in 1971 and by 1974 John Waterman was its driver. He was the most succesful E man in terms of wins from starts with 5 class wins from the 6 known races . 3 were outright ,all 3 being non-championship races at Brands Hatch.


This was Mills' 2nd E-Type racer and during 1974 Autosport noted a few times it was the ex-Franey/Worswick car.

Originally silver and raced by John Wilson ( 1968 ) ,then Franey before Ted Worswick had a tremendous 1970 season with it whilst red with 14 class wins. With its distinctive twin slit nostrils it then was raced in blue by Dave Moore for 1972. Moore's son posted in recent times...He ( Dave Moore ) bought another car the ex-Ted Worswick which was red but was painted Eggshell Blue also to race alongside Brian unfortunatley in the early 70's my Dad had to sell this car to raise finances and sold this car to Brian Mills.'

5 of Mills' known races in 1974 were at Silvestone and he gained 2 2nd in class finishes in the Blue Circle Championship.

The car continued to enjoy its long race career next with John Myerscough and is still used today on Hillclimbs by Hayden Spedding.





Brian Murphy from Rainford near Liverpool had at least 3 E-Types during the 70s. This was the first one shared with Dave Moore of Mayfield Garage . Dave`s son posted this on a thread in 2007 which helps clarify that the pair raced the same car back in 1970 before both later had other Es.  'My Dad had a number of E Types over the years and enjoyed that period tremendously.

He started off in the late 60's buying a car of Roger Worrell with his pal Brian Murphy which was a Orange and Black Fixed head..`

Murphy advertised the car at the end of the 1972 season but probably continued into 1973 where he set a new lap record at Longridge. The car went to Bryan Litherland for 1974 before going on to Richard Scantlbury in 1976 known as the 'Ziebart' car.

Bryan seems to be the most prolific E racer of 1974 with 15 known races though he seemed to have not gone further south than Mallory Park , car entered by 'Bryrob Plant Hire'. Restored by Fred Cliffe in the early 1990s and bought by Tony Kember.





CAR : E-Type FHC

CHASSIS : Not Known

ENGINE : 3781cc


KNOWN STARTS ( 1974 ) : 15

WINS ( 1974 ) : 5




1974 MODSPORT JAGUARS at a glance

flashback to 1970 when Tony Shaw raced the car

Jag Moore72 Jag Watney IMG Jag Bedd.jpg JagMurphy Jag Murphy72 JagBurbidge Jag Beddington2 Jag Beddington

1974 season records :

Bryan Litherland known races 1974 :

Close up of the V12 engine of Guy Beddington. It`s 5343cc engine used made it the biggest displacement of any Modsport used in the 1974 season.