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Ok lets get this straight , Lotus-Cortinas wernt `special saloons` in the context as being in anyway modified. Far from it as they were production-line homologation specials built to win international saloon car races `complying with appendix J to the international sporting code`for Group 2 cars ! Through 1964 and 65 these Cortinas would race at British Saloon Car rounds but in between those weekends would mix it with the push-rod Anglias and mad Minis in the club events. This page charts the drivers that made that cross-over to club saloon racing in their British Saloon car Cortinas...

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Lotus-Cortinas in UK club races 1963-65 :

driver : Doc Merfield       team : John Willment

driver : Trevor Fowler       team : McKechnie  Eng.   reg : `MAC 1`

After 3 early season rounds of the British Saloon Car championship Trevor`s season was abruptly cut short at the Molysip round at Brands when his car vaulted the pit wall and he was thrown out.

driver : Roger Swanton  team : Moonraker Racing   reg : `2 CAM`

Roger also competed in 3 rounds of the British Saloon Car championship. Roger took third overall , 2nd in class in the BARC Spring Grove Championship. For 1965 he switched to a 1-litre Anglia.

driver : John Nicholson  team : Farnborough Racing   reg : `1 JON`

John was a BARC regular at the club`s home track of Goodwood but did take in 4 British Saloon car Championship rounds during the 1964 season and 2 rounds of the European Touring Cars. Fewer club races in 1965 but 6 of the 8 Brit Saloon rounds year. His love of Lotus cars also saw him race Elites , Elans , Lotus 23 + 30s in sports car races aswell as MGB.

driver : Andre Baldet  team : Moto Baldet   reg : `758 FNV`

driver : Brian Newton         team : driver         reg : `758 FNV`

Baldet was a British Saloon Car regular privateer with 6 rounds in 1964 and 5 in 1965.

Newton added the ex-Baldet car to his stable having already aquired the ex-Pittard Anglia earlier in the season.

The John Coundley Racing Partnership also appeared in British Saloon rounds , 3 for Mrs Coundley in 1964 and 3 for Tom Fletcher in 1965. The team were best known however for sports car racing , often with Lotus machinery. John passed away on new years day 2016 aged 91.

driver : Mrs P.E.Coundley / Tom Fletcher    team : John Coundley

driver : Robin H. Smith    team : Curtis Smith         reg : `955 UNK`

Robin made 1 appearance in the 1964 British Saloon championship , 2 races in 1965 before racing a Ford Mustang with success at club level. Sadly Robin suffered a fatal heart attack whilst racing his Mustang at Silverstone on April 28th 1968.

driver : R.  A.  Knapman       team : -         reg : -

driver : Jack Newman      team : driver         reg : -

Jack raced twice in the 1965 British Saloon car championship

driver : D.W.Burston      team : -        reg : -

driver : John Northcroft     team : -        reg : -

driver : J.S.Brunskill     team : Moonraker Racing        reg : `2 CAM`

driver : W.J.Williams            team : -           reg : `990 KOV`

driver : Vince Woodman     team : Vince Woodman Motors     reg :

Debut season for the Bristol-born Ford dealer ahead of a distinguished career in Saloons and went on to be 4 times Thundersaloon champion ( 3 times shared with co-driver John Cleland )

Vic is known for being one of the most versatile drivers of all time having competed in top level rallying , touring cars , Formula 1 and sports cars , the latter particulary with Porsche.

driver : Vic Elford                   team : -                    reg :

driver : Brian Smallthwaite                   team : -                    reg :

driver : N. Weale                  team : -                    reg :

driver : Tony Gorst                  team : -                    reg :

driver : Jackie Stewart               team : Red Rose           reg :

driver : Boley Pittard              team : John Willment           reg :

driver : Pat Mannion     team :                  reg :

driver : Terry Nicholls     team :  Lumaca Tune      reg : `300 LPO`

other drivers in 1964 races :

other drivers in 1965 races :