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Paul Gaymer

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Paul Gaymer known races 1970

'Paul Gaymer had to drive very well to hold off such challengers as Clive Trickey, Mick Rope, Viv Church and the '68 Champion Mick Osborn and he must be a man to watch if he moves upwards' - Ian Titchmarsh 1969 Autosport's season review

Long-haired Paul Gaymer celebrating his retaining of the 1300cc Triplex class at the BRDC awards October 1971 . In the main photo that's 1300+ class winner Mick Hill also enjoying the spoils. These excellent period photos scanned from original prints by Cryer + Marchant for Mick Hill.


Paul Gaymer like other Mini racers of the time went racing as much to promote their tuning company services in this case Boopspeed. Paul got into special saloons as they were increasingly referred to in 1970 from the frantic world of all-Mini racing ,winning the 850cc Mini 7 championship in 1969.

For 1970 Paul raced a 1293cc yellow and black Mini Cooper and dovetailed his season with serious challenges to both the BARC Osram and Silverstone-based BRDC Triplex championships. Dave Minchin would win the Osram class but the Triplex suited Gaymer at Silverstone and he won the class in both 1970 and retained it in 1971. Paul is credited with 6 class wins in the 1970 season and 7 in '71. Paul did later return to all Mini racing becoming the 1977 Mini Miglia champion ,raced in the Wendy Wools 1300cc class before getting into Metro racing.

Left : 1969 and Paul took 12 class wins en route to to the Mini 7 championship for 850cc cars. Here in car '414 BYP`.

The Boopspeed 1293cc Mini Cooper S of Paul in its yellow and black sporting minilte wheels.

Paul Gaymer known races 1971

Paul Gaymer known races 1972

Paul Gaymer known special saloon races 1978

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By 1977 Paul returned had succesfully returned to his all-Mini racing roots winning the 1977 Mini 1000 challenge . By 1980 Paul took 2nd overall in the National Mini 1000 Challenge ( formerly Mini Miglia ) 10 points behind Roly Nix.

Brother Nigel ran in the National 850 ( formerly Mini7s ) version taking 5th overall both series run by the Mini 7 Racing Club.

Paul Gaymer known special saloon races 1979