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1984 - The championship reached a new high with the capacity cap removed for the 'big' class letting in a host of new cars to keep the venerable Tony Davies Firenza and Minton Escort company. Brian Chatfield acquired the ex-HAT /Ronnie Peterson Group 5 BMW 320 and the glorious sounding saloon would win the class for the next few seasons. Terry Nicholls joined with the Gartrac Capri ,Nick Oatway had the Gartrac Escort both cars using 420bhp Cosworth G.A. V6 engines .Bob Trotter returned with his Escort now with Rover V8 power ,Rod Birley initially with an ex-Hot Rod Escort but purchased the Oatway car late summer and then joined by Alan Humberstone in a Lola-based Skoda-Hart. All those mentioned won a race outright that season finally providing variety and close racing for the big class.

Peter Baldwin won the 1300s again for the 6th year running this time from Bill Richards in the lowline Maguire Metro and James Furnell ( Morris Minor-BDA ).

Outright champion was 1000 class winner Pat Mannion in his Stiletto-Hartwell from Ginger Marshall after the Enderby Kharman-Ghia had to be rebuilt after a crash at Snetterton.

Autosport commented 'The sight of hoards of hairy special saloons was once a familiar sight at British club meetings but for 4 or 5 years the spectacle has been absent. The unstinting efforts of the Special Saloon Register has ,this year,improved the grids and sunday's Wendy Wools round was the richer for it'.


1985 - The G5 BMW of Brian Chatfield continued to be the class of the bigger cars with 7 class wins ( 5 outright ) plus a disqualified win keeping him ahead of Rod Birley who was now in a Sierra G.A. 3.4 .

Doc Enderby returned with the Kharman Ghia but moved into the 1300cc class to finally end Baldwin's reign as champion. The sleek black car often finishing in the top 3 and broke class records at Snetterton and Silverstone along the way.

For the 3rd year since it became a single format championship the outright champion came from the 1-litre class with Ginger Marshall winning again scoring at least 10 class wins in the Kitten from the Stilettos of John Pugsley and Pat Mannion.


1986 - Brian Chatfield won the big class for a third time and took the outright title . His 10 class wins helped net 61 points to Rod Birley's 27. Nicholls ,Trotter and Davies continued to support the class. Birley and Davies by 1986 were also contesting Thundersaloons ,the BRSCC Championship which was in the ascendancy for larger engined saloons.

Doc Enderby retained the 1300 class with 55 points to Baldwin's 31 but it was closer in the 1-litre class. With Marshall having a season off due to no racing budget Bob Jarvis the former works Davrian Modsport man won in his Ray Stiletto 55 points to Richard Harris ( Stiletto ) 49.


1987 - The championship had rarely visited Donington previously but for 1987 enjoyed three visits plus a round at Lydden among the 14. Brian Chatfield won the big class for the 4th year running in the BMW 34 points to Birley`s 18 and Charles Challinger ( Escort V8 ) 14.

Doc Enderby ( Kharman ) just pipped Bill Richards ( Metro ) to the 1300 crown 44 points to 38 both with BDA power from John Fogill. At Donington in May the Kharman set a faster best lap than the Chatfield BMW so competitive was it.

The overall champion again came from the 1000cc class as it was Ginger Marshall for a third time in the Kitten 58 points after dropped scores to Pat Mannion's 29.


1988 - The 11th and final season of the Wendy Wools sponsorship was boosted by extra sponsorship from TELI whose MD was racer Charles Challinger. Wendy Wools now offering £85 prize money for each class winner with TELI adding an extra £15 plus more for qualifying. Autosport noted 'The result was reflected in some of the best grids in the formula for a long time'.

Tony Sugden ,who 11 years before had the first ever national WW rounds returned and won the big class. The car was a refugee from the now declining Donington GT series, the John Leek chassis that had been used as a Lotus Esprit clone but had been rebodied as a Skoda Coupe whilst retaining the Cosworth G.A. engine. 'Suggy' won 5 races outright to beat Chatfield 50 points to 35. Chris Maries ( in the ex-Trotter Escort ) and Bob Jarvis ( Ray Stiletto ) also won races.

David 'Doc' Enderby again won the 1300s from Paul Soames' Mini 46 points to 28.

Fittingly it was Ginger Marshall again with his 4th outright title in the Kitten. Class runner-up was Ben Bowlby in his home-built Suzuki SC100 with Kawasaki engine. Bowlby has since become a leading name in prototype racing as team principle and Technical Director of Nissan Europe. Among his designs include the extraordinary Delta Wing that raced at Le Mans in 2012. That old Suzuki that Ben made his name with with has recently been sold to persons who already race in the CSCC series so we may see that car return to the tracks too.

BARC's special saloon championship continued for 2 more years at national level but unsponsored. For the record Ginger Marshall made it BARC championship number 6 including the 1976 one with the same basic car. Doc Enderby winning overall in 1990 with the Kharman running a 1.7 engine.

The 2018 season saw the Wendy Wools name return to special saloon racing in today's only historical national special saloon series ,run by the CSCC.





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